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Choclatique 8 Cup Cupcake Truffles 8 Pieces

Chic Cupcake Truffles (8-Pieces)

Additional Product Info:
Mmmm, Cupcake Truffles...Cupcakes are the hula hoops of this millennium... without all the gyrations! But unlike a hula hoop that leaves you exhausted and frustrated, cupcakes leave you happy and satisfied especially when you're enjoying a Choclatique Chic Cupcake. People love our Chic Cupcakes because there are so many wonderful flavor and color combinations... and because they're bite-sized!Each of these cute little cupcake truffles are made with a baked cake ganache base and a different creamy icing flavor all encased in chocolate and highly decorated. There are two layers of flavor thrills in every truffle. They are fun to give and even more fun to eat.

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