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Choclatique Magic Box Brown Leather

Magic Box - Brown Leather

Additional Product Info:
Open sesame! That is the incantation that gives you entrée into one of the most amazing chocolate assortments in the world. It is a chocolate lover's dream come true when you receive this reusable jewelry box large enough to hold over 90 karats of diamonds or 125 pieces of Choclatique chocolate. Every Choclatique chocolate is beautifully decorated making each an art piece in of and by itself. When opened, the Magic Box reveals a secret treasure trove filled with smooth ganache, creamy caramels, toasted nuts, and velvety nougat centers. These blends are made from our dark, milk and white chocolates, real butter, and dairy-fresh cream, comprising the Authentically American flavors of Choclatique chocolates. Give the Chocolate Lover's Magic dream gift!

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